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Klik & Pay's commitments to clients


As soon as you perform a transaction with one of our affiliated merchants, you create a Klik & Pay account, which only you can access. None of the merchants you deal with can access it and the information supplied is only used to prove the identity of merchants and buyers, as well as checking payments. All the personal information supplied during a transaction is saved in your personal account. If you close your account, all the details will be deleted, except for the information that Klik & Pay has to retain for the sole use of the merchant from whom you bought the item(s). In addition, we promise not to divulge any of the information supplied to third parties.

Satisfaction surveys

In addition to its main function of providing clients with a way of paying online at affiliated merchants’ sites, Klik & Pay undertakes to do everything it can to ensure that none of its affiliated merchants uses his payment platform for the detriment of clients. Therefore, Klik & Pay sometimes carries out satisfaction surveys with consumers to ensure that merchants correctly execute orders. Based on the results, corrective measures must be put in place immediately by the merchant, who is in danger of having his access to the platform barred.


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