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The Klik & Pay dispute settlement department

Do you have a dispute with an affiliated Klik & Pay merchant from whom you have purchased an item?

Our free dispute settlement department can certainly help you.

What is our department’s role?

During a dispute between a client and a merchant, our role is to ensure the flow of information between the two parties. However, we do not stop here. As soon as a consumer makes a request, Klik & Pay uses its experience and its knowledge of the regulations of e-commerce to help parties settle the dispute according to each others’ rights and interests.

When does Klik & Pay intervene to resolve a dispute?
Initially, of course, it is always preferable to contact the vendor, inform him of the issue and ask him to resolve it. However, if
  • The merchant, having been contacted, fails to answer your e-mails
  • The merchant’s e-mail address is not valid
  • The merchant’s proposal for resolving the dispute is unsatisfactory

In this instance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Klik & Pay’s expertise may allow a dispute to be settled in very precise cases
  • If you have not received an order you have paid for
  • If the order received is damaged or defective
  • If the merchandise received does not comply with your order
  • If you have problems in receiving a refund

As after-sales or guarantee are concerned or in very precise cases of commercial disputes, Klik & Pay may ensure that the merchant has been informed of the request and provide answer within a reasonable period of time. If he fails to solve the problem Klik & Pay will contact him to remind the "e-commerce Good Practices" and will informe the customer of its rights.

Making a claim

To open up a claim dossier, you have to connect to your Klik & Pay account, select the disputed transaction and file a claim in the field left empty when you "consult" the transaction. You must state whether your claim relates to the payment or the delivery

Tracking a claim

f you selected "payment" as the subject of your claim, your request is sent directly to Klik & Pay who, if possible, will reply within a day. If you selected "delivery", your request will be sent to the merchant. Klik & Pay will be informed of your request immediately and will ensure that the merchant answers within a reasonable period of time. Otherwise, Klik & Pay will contact the merchant and ensure that the dispute is resolved as quickly as possible and in the best interests of the parties.

Closing the dossier

The dossier may be closed

  • By the client himself who informs Klik & Pay that the dispute has been resolved
  • By Klik & Pay, if the information provided allows to resolve the dispute
  • Automatically, without anymore communication through Klik & Pay for 120 days

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