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Functions that facilitate monitoring and communication with klik & Pay or merchants

Your Klik & Pay account is a tool to manage your Internet payments made to merchants who offer their clients the chance to pay for their purchases via our payment platform.

You should have received an e-mail containing your access codes for your personal Klik & Pay account. We recommend that you go to your profile and change your password.

Your Klik & Pay account means you can
  • Change your details When you first connect, you are advised to change your password for one that is easier to remember
  • This password is personal and must never be divulged to anyone else. Your Klik & Pay account is associated with an e-mail address. The address shown when you open up your account is the one supplied, when you make your first Klik & Pay order. If you wish, you can change this e-mail address

  • View all your payments made during the last 6 months via Klik & Pay
  • Easily find the details of any merchant you paid
  • View all your current subscriptions with one or more of our merchants
  • Cancel one of these subscriptions. The merchant will be informed immediately and Klik & Pay will not ask for any more payments
  • View purchases requiring payment of a balance on one or more occasions. The instalment dates are displayed so that you can plan these payments
  • Make a claim, if you did not succeed contacting a merchant or if a dispute has not been settled between you and the merchant
  • Contact us. If you have any question about using your account. Klik & Pay promises to reply within 48 hours during office opening hours

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