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Klik & Pay, best and safest buys on the Internet

The first time you make a purchase on one of our affiliated merchants’ sites, you receive an e-mail to confirm your payment. This e-mail contains your login and password to access your Klik & Pay account. Under this private access you can consult all your Klik & Pay payments and by consulting one of them, you open a form where you can contact either Klik & Pay or the merchant.

This Klik & Pay account is totally free. You are not tied down to a fixed period of time and can close it whenever you want.

In addition, we undertake to keep your personal details confidential, and not to divulge them to anyone else. You have a right to access this account at any time to amend or delete it.

A Klik & Pay account is multilingual and can be viewed in 4 languages: French, English, German and Spanish.

With a Klik & Pay account, you can manage all your purchases at a glance.


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