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Klik & Pay made a priority of the safety of its online transactions

Making payments over the Internet has changed a lot in recent years in terms of security and all studies point out that it is now safer to use your credit or debit card to pay over the Internet than in most neighbourhood shops as long as a few basic rules are respected.

Klik & Pay has made the security of its online transactions a priority
  • Security: your "card" details are encrypted
  • Confidentiality: data is not stored on our servers

Consumers, therefore, can pay at affiliated sites with complete peace of mind.


In fact, all payment phases are fully encrypted and protected. The procedure is set up in HTTPS, an SSL secure protocol, which encrypts all exchanged data.

In other words, when you send your sensitive data using Klik & Pay you enter a secure area with direct connections to your banking partners. In this environment, you can enter your confidential data without any risk. This protocol for encrypting the transaction in a secure area ensures total confidentiality et security in data exchanges. Therefore, when your bank details are sent, your browser will move to a new window whose address starts with https://www…. instead of http://www…. And a closed padlock appears in your browser.


This means that the information linked to the order and credit/debit card number do not appear unscrambled on the Internet and the bank card details are known neither to Klik & Pay or merchants – only to the banks that process the payment. Therefore, the risk of one’s details being “pirated” when making a purchase on an Internet site that uses Klik & Pay is impossible.

In addition, the Klik & Pay payment platform has a particularly sophisticated anti-fraud system that allows each transaction to be analysed and fraud to be identified with great precision. This system also analyses all connections to the platform and any abnormal behaviour is detected immediately and reported.

PCI Besides Klik & Pay is in conformity with the PCI DSS de Visa et MasterCard regulations, in order to fulfil the 15 requirements constituing the security reference.
mcafee The Klik & Pay Gateway is daily checked by the Hacker Safe solution which certifies the inviolability of the servers in agreement with ISO 27001 norm.


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